A Haven in the Heart of California

24K Starlight Medical Aesthetics Spa is a haven for self-love and skincare. Owner C. McKenzie modeled the spa and clinic to accommodate everyone’s needs to enhance their already existing beauty and give their body the love it deserves.


Best and Newest Technologies

We're proud to offer you the highest quality, most popular technologies on the market today that will transform your skin and unleash your TRUE BEAUTY.

The 24K Starlight Medical Aesthetics Clinic and Spa guarantees you that every technologies and procedures available are approved by the Medical Community and Medical Board of California.


Cleanest and Serene Interior

The 24K Starlight Medical Aesthetics interior is designed to provide services to many beautiful people and welcome you with SERENITY and PEACE that you and your body are longing for after those stressful days.

The 24K Starlight family #1 priority is the well-being of our dear clients. Cleanliness of our clinic is crucial in achieving your TRUE BEAUTY while being HEALTHY.


Our Treatments and Services from our Best Aestheticians

24K Starlight Medical Aesthetics Spa offers the best and the newest ways to unleash your TRUE BEAUTY by the best aestheticians in California.

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Our World-Class Products

We're proud to offer our world-class products made from the highest-quality ingredients in the market today. Our 24K Starlight family put lots of love and careful attention in each item. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. Perfect for everyday use. Exceptional quality and choice

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C. McKenzie, RN

A registered nurse with 20+ years of medical experience found her passion in life through helping beautiful people to unleash their TRUE BEAUTY and give the LOVE their body deserves. Carmen dedicates her whole life in what she do best: make people more comfortable in their own skin .

Self-Love and Skincare

Carmen is an avid supporter of SELF LOVE and SKIN CARE. She provide tools and services that will give everyone an opportunity to be PROUD of their body and unleash their TRUE BEAUTY. The services and products she’s offering are the fruits of her research for many years about the compositions of our skin and how to enhance the beauty of it. Before opening her 24K Starlight Medical Aesthetics Spa, she embarked on a journey of studying the best and the latest products, technologies and medical procedures to enhance the beauty of men and women.


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You will be treated like a royalty. Each patient is provided a personalized evaluation to discuss your aesthetic goals and create a customized plan to fulfill your skin and body goals.

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